Our tables are built with style in mind. While the bases are made from ‘new’ FSC certified wood our reclaimed tops are what makes them rustic. 

You’ll find a variety of features which vary from table to table. These may be from their previous life or simply the natural grain and pattern in the wood. We enhance these features and will never send out a table we wouldn’t want ourselves. They are ‘imperfectly perfect’ and that’s the way we like them! 


Reclaimed wood is not for everyone. It can be full of character which of course makes it unique but it is very different to high street furniture that is made to be uniform.  We offer different levels of character so you can choose to have a solid wood table with beautiful grain but uniform ‘clean’ planks or go for the full rustic experience with all types of the character noted below.




Handmade items are exactly that, handmade. You won’t find factory grade precision in our work but you will find uniqueness, attention to detail and of course heaps of character!  All the wood used is cut by hand and then built by hand as well. Painting and oiling? You guessed it, all done with our own fair hands.